"Unauthorized error" in my 3rd Party Application after connecting to Blackbaud ID - when details are correct

If a charity user uses the same account credentials for accessing justgiving account and the Data API and has recently gone through the Blackbaud ID migration they may face a 401 error when authenticating next on the Data API or a "Unauthorized" via a 3rd Party applications ( e.g CRM's)

To solve this if you could reset your password via the below link and follow the special character instructions below:

Request Password Reset here: https://www.justgiving.com/sso/ResetPassword/ 

If you could reset your password following the links in the email but only using . as the special character.
Example would be - P123ssw0rd.234
So numbers and letters but then only using . (full stop) as the special character.  If you could then make sure the exact password is updated in to 3rd Party Integration or Data API call.  It may take about half an hour for you to be able to log back in to JustGiving.


If you still have any errors please reach out to Developer@Justgiving.com  

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