Upcoming Changes to GetTeam Endpoint by EOY


We have created https://api.justgiving.com/docs/resources/v1/Team/GetTeamV3 which has been built to replace https://api.justgiving.com/docs/resources/v1/Team/GetTeamV2 

Whilst we have added some small additions to the V3 endpoint such as more enriched information about team members, the only major difference between that and V2, is that the new V3 endpoint supports pagination.

As things stand, we’ll be looking to move our Teams product over to our new platform by the end of the year, 2023. With that, we would want users of the V2 endpoint to move over to using V3.

In the instance that you are still using the V2 endpoint when our Teams product has been moved over to our new platform, the data you receive via the endpoint will effectively become stale. No further information relating to the following will be provided:

  • Updates to the team
  • New team information
  • Fundraising pages joining/leaving teams

If you have any questions on the change feel free to contact developer@justgiving.com.

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