Creating Campaign Fundraising Pages with updated API

In order to create fundraising pages via the API that are connected to a given campaign please follow these steps

note: this refers to the new campaigns service that was rolled in mid 2018. We will be deprecating support of old campaigns through 2019 as well as the APIs that support them. More on that here.

1. Create a new campaign

2. Locate the GUID for that newly created campaign. To get the campaignGuid, in the absence of a GetCampaign API that would return this, please view the source code of the campaign page and search for "guid". That will return the guid for you.

3. To associate a fundraising page with this campaign you need to supply this GUID as the <campaignGuid> object when calling the RegisterFundraisingPage API.


In the case where your campaign is event specific please ensure that the fundraising page you are attempting to create has the same eventId. 


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