Why is the API not returning any data or reports?

There could be several reasons for this:

  • Is the appID you are using set to the Data API plan? If not please contact us to have that set up for you. More on that here.
  • Do you have the correct username and password set? You need the username and password (case sensitive) that you log into the JustGiving Charity Account with.
  • If your password contains a ":" this will need to be changed as the API cannot accept this character. 
  • Do you have duplicate usernames for the same charity account? If so, at least one of these will need to be deleted in order for the API to work.
  • Are you trying to ask for more than 3 months worth of data? Please note that the API restricts calls to just three months in width. For example 25th Jan - 24th Apr.
  • Is the payment report you are trying to download actually available in your charity account? The Data API will not return reports that are status = pending. 




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