What credentials do I need for the Data API?

In order to successfully call the Data API - whether directly or via a third party service/plug in you will need to provide the following information in order for our API to verify you as a member of the required charity


1. charityId - this is your unique JustGiving charityId. We display this in the Charity Account on the Settings tab. This is not to be confused with your typical charity registration number (Charity Commission, 501c etc)



2. appId - sometimes referred to as an api key, this is your unique JustGiving token for permitting calls to our API. You can create your appId for free by creating a JustGiving developer account here. On completing the sign up form, we'll automatically generate an appId for you. This appId can be seen in your developer account at any time by logging in here.



You will need to ask for your appId to be set to the private Data APl plan. Steps on how to do that are documented here


3. Charity account email and password - you will need to supply the email and password combination you use to log into the JustGiving charity account. These are typically the details that give you access to your organisation's JustGiving charity account. You can verify those by logging into your charity account here

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