New Password rules coming to JustGiving

We'd like to share with you some changes to user settings that we'll be introducing from Wednesday 23rd March for all users across JustGiving.

These changes may impact how a charity logs into the integration your service has with JustGiving. As a client of our Data API we wanted to bring these to your attention so we can work together to ensure continued use of our services. 


Password strength

We are strengthening the rules for password creation for new users or existing users choosing to update their password. These will include;

- Passwords must be at least 12 characters in length

- Passwords must include both alpha and numeric characters

- Passwords must include at least one special character 


Password history

New passwords cannot be the same as any of the last 6 previous passwords saved


Password expiration

If current password has not been added/changed more than a year ago, when the user next logs in he is redirected to update their password. 


How will this impact your integration with JustGiving?

Charities will be expected to comply with these new settings over time and so it is to be expected that they may need to update any settings they have with your integration. Any password change they make will need to take place on the JustGiving website. 

To update their password the charity should log in to their JustGiving account and navigate to the Settings tab. 


If you have any questions on how this may impact your integration please contact us here

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