How do I get an AppID?

You'll need an AppID (often termed an API Key) in order to access the API. 

1. Firstly you'll need to create a Developer Account

2. You'll need to verify your Developer Account

Once this is done we will automatically generate an AppID for you which will appear in your developer account. To find your appId log into the developer account and then click on the “Applications” tab. Note that its case sensitive. You can apply for more AppIDs by logging into your Developer Account. 

We support two methods of supply the API key. You'll notice in all of the documentation pages, we supply an example Url at the very top of the documentation in the format /{appId}/v1/fundraising/pages/{pageShortName}.

You must either supply your API key in the Url requested here, or, include it as a HTTP header called "x-api-key". If you choose to use the header, you can access the exact same API method using the Url /v1/fundraising/pages/{pageShortName}.

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