Content Types

We support JSON, XML and experimentally JSONP (with a callback= query string parameter).

You must ensure you set your HTTP headers correctly (Content-type and Accept) while making requests to ensure that we understand your requests and can respond accordingly.

In some cases, we've found some frameworks require your XML to be ordered alphabetically, so if you're struggle to use XML, first try JSON, then check your ordering.

You should always use the Accept header in your request to specify which type of content you want to receive in the response:

  • Accept: application/json
  • Accept: text/xml

For JSONP, use a query string of callback= (the jQuery default)

If you omit the Accept header, by default you will always receive an XML formatted response. When sending content in your API requests (such as when creating a new user account), you must specify the content type. The following headers are acceptable:

  • Content-type: application/json
  • Content-type: text/xml

If you omit the content type from your POST or PUT request, you will receive an error response.

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