What does the oAuth journey look like?

Here is a working example of the oAuth flow.

The "Authorisation flow" for a Server-Side application

  1. GET USER CONSENT: The Third Party Application redirects the user to a login URL on the Resource Server. The Third Party Application must generate the full URL. This redirect can be either in a pop-up or the same browser window. 
    1. NB. The redirect url must match the "Home page for your application" property in your JustGiving Developer Account application details page.

  2. The user sees the following
    1. The first screen asks them to login to JustGiving

    2. After logging in, the next screen asks for their consent
  3. The user chooses to authorise the 3rd Party Application
  4. The browser is redirected back to the Third Party Application using the location specified by the redirect_uri query parameter in the request from the Third Party Application. The response from the Resource Server will contain a querystring parameter named "code", the value of this will be used in the request to generate a token.
  5. The Third Party Application requests a token from the Resource Server by sending a request to https://identity.justgiving.com/connect/token including a Basic Authentication header, the value of which is a base64 encoded value of {yourApplicationId}:{yourSecretKey}
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