What developer environments does JustGiving offer?

We have 2 distinct environments at JustGiving available to 3rd party developers.

1. Production (www.justgiving.com)

Also known as "live" or "prod", production is the main site and consists of the latest version of the platform. All testing done on this platform will generate real data and must be therefore treated with caution. We cannot refund for donations made on the production environment and will rarely delete accounts, pages or donations made. Production sits at http://www.justgiving.com and the api points to https://api.justgiving.com

2. Staging (staging.justgiving.com)

Staging is the environment for all testing. It is a mirror of production (and is usually updated within 12 hours after each release we make to production).

The database attached to on staging is unique and in no way mirrors the database of production. Therefore any account, page or donation created on staging will not exist on production and vice versa. 

Whilst developing against our staging environment you should use www.staging.justgiving.com and your api should point to https://api.staging.justgiving.com

Please remember that other developers can see the test cases you generate in the JustGiving staging. As it is a test environment we reserve the right to clear the database (although we try to limit this!) so it is worth backing up any test make you make.

When you register for an API key, you'll be able to access the staging server immediately. 


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    Thanks @Jamie,

    Could you also explain what is dataapi.justgiving.com?

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