Claim Fundraising Page API

There are two ways a fundraising page can be created for a user (consumer) via the JustGiving API.

- Requires basic authentication of the consumer (email and password) or a bearer token as generated via our oAuth service

- Does not require any form of authentication on the user's behalf as the page is created in an "unowned" state that the user (consumer) then goes on to claim. In the process of claiming the page the user self authenticates via the JustGiving website.


What are the benefits of the ClaimFundraisingPage API?

  • This particular API does not require any user authentication in order to create one or multiple fundraising pages. Therefore as the client, you do not need to ask the user (consumer) for any sign in credentials. One less step for you to handle and no data collection that you need to navigate. 
  • Secondly, it means you can generate pages en mass for your particular campaigns and then invite your event registrants or supporters to go "claim" their page.
  • The consumer can claim their page in their own time. There is no expiry date to the page in it's unclaimed state which means you can safely separate the event registration and the fundraising creation process. 
  • JustGiving will also therefore handle the user's JustGiving opt in permissions and acceptance of privacy policy and terms of use, removing the need for you to signpost those to the user. 
  • Similar to the RegisterFundraisingPage API, this API will accept inputs such as charityId, eventId, campaignGuid, story, target, etc so that any page created is on brand and relevant to the cause it is in support of. 
  • There is no cost associated with using this API.

Onboarding the user to claim their fundraising page

There are some additional data sets you can include in the body of the call to the RegisterUnclaimedFundraisingPage API that will better help land (and convert the fundraiser). These include:

email: This email will then be passed into the "email" field on the sign up/in page on JustGiving when the user clicks on their claim page link

firstName: The firstName field of the sign up page on JustGiving can be pre-populated with the user's first name

lastName: The lastName field of the sign up page on JustGiving can be pre-populated with the user's last name

signInTitle: Define the title message displayed to the user on the Sign In page

signUpTitle: Define the title message displayed to the user on the Sign Up page


API documentation

This page that you create will be associated with a holding user, which any user can then claim. Pages created under the appId, can only be claimed using the same appId. This endpoint allows for the same input as regular Register page endpoint.



When getting a successful 201 from the API and creating an unclaimed page, in the response we'll return to you the URL that a user can then click on to "claim". This will take the user to and prompt them to sign up or sign in in order to claim the page. If successful, the page will then be re-associated to their consumerId and the page will now act and perform like a normal fundraising page. 

That means you can generate pages for a cohort of users, associate their email with each page, and then send each user their own unique URL to "claim"

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